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Bill Nye, Food Science Guy!

Bill Nye, Food Science Guy!

Bill Nye nerds out on PB&J, explains why he now supports GMOs, and answers our burning food science questions: Does mashing bananas actually make them sweeter? How long before there’s affordable lab-grown meat? Does adding salt to water make it boil faster? On his new podcast, Science Rules!, Bill and science writer Corey S. Powell answer questions on just about anything in the universe.

This episode is from The Sporkful’s archives. Normally, this episode and hundreds like it are only available with Stitcher Premium. But in these strange times, we’re releasing it for free — both to help our listeners through self-isolation, and to say thanks for continuing to support our show. If you’d like to have access to our entire archive, you can sign up for Stitcher Premium at www.stitcherpremium.com/SPORKFUL, and use the promo code SPORKFUL for a special discount.


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