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Coronavirus Updates: Latest News and Analysis

Coronavirus Updates: Latest News and Analysis

Mr. Trump, made aware of the sick campaign aides before departing for the rally, was incensed the news was made public, according to two people familiar with his reaction.

In Oklahoma, there have been at least 10,037 cases of the coronavirus, according to a New York Times database. As of Saturday night, at least 368 people had died. The state recorded 331 new cases on Saturday, its third-highest daily total, behind totals reached on Thursday and Friday.

Tulsa health officials have expressed concerns that the rally, in a large, indoor arena, has the potential to become a “superspreader” event. But Trump supporters gathered in Tulsa appeared less worried about the virus and more exuberant over the president’s return to the campaign trail.

“If it is God’s will that I get coronavirus, that is the will of the Almighty,” said Robert Montanelli, a resident of a Tulsa suburb. “I will not live in fear.”

The campaign stressed that all rally attendees were receiving temperature checks before going through security, and were then given wristbands, face masks and hand sanitizer. Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, said on Friday that using the masks would be optional. Mr. Trump has eschewed masks in public, and Ms. McEnany said that she would not wear one at the rally.

Earlier, local black leaders held a news conference to plead with Mayor G. T. Bynum, a Republican who has cast himself as supportive of the black community, to cancel the rally.

In the city’s historic Greenwood neighborhood, the leaders stood in front of a memorial dedicated to the victims of the 1921 massacre of black Tulsans by a white mob and made a two-pronged argument: The rally would wound a city that has worked hard at creating a shared language of racial reconciliation, and the city’s black community would bear the brunt of any coronavirus surge the rally might create.

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