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How To Earn $100 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE

How To Earn $100 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE
How To Earn $100 A DAY & Make Money Online For FREE

This is a payment that I received in my account today from making money online, this is from my new rap album, this is a platinum award.


I’m actually joking, this is an award for making seven figures online, and this is the award that I got. so it’s safe to say that, I could probably teach you a thing or two about making some money online, and that’s exactly what I’m gonna be doing in this video.

Now the first step to this method is to simply hit over to a website called WWE.

Welcome back guys, my name is Franklin every single week, I bring out brand new videos on how to make money online, now at the end of this particular video, I’m gonna be giving you a bonus.

It’s going to help you even more with this method, and make more money, now with this method, you will not need a website, and you will not need to go and send emails.

I know that can be a big roadblock for people because they don’t want to go out and actually do these things. well, in this method you will not have to make a website or send emails to anybody.

So you don’t need to do that, this method is completely free! you will not need to spend any money on this method, and I’ll show you, how to do this without spending any money, so you won’t need to take any money out of your pocket to get started with this method.

This is something that everybody always asked me, and I know it can be an extremely big roadblock for you if you’re trying to make money online, so try to bring you the best methods that are free for you to use, you don’t have to spend any money.

Now a bit of a disclaimer, I make results with this method but of course I don’t guarantee results for anybody else, these videos are for educational purposes only. I’m showing you what’s possible online, so you could possibly go out and get results, with this training you might get the same more or less results from this particular video.

But I am making money with this method now, I want you to watch every second of this video, this is very important, by the end of this video I’m going to show you, how you can make $100 or more online well & show you exactly how to do this method step by step.

I’m going to show you how you can do this consistently, so the money keeps coming and I’ve been doing this for a long time, I’m a professional and I can show you how to make money online with this particular method.

Now I have a bit of a saying that ties in really well to this method the best time to make money is when trends are flowing you, heard that hair first what that means is when something is trending you need to get in on it. because it could be a potential to make money with that trend or with that method.

And right now we have a huge trend online and it’s getting bigger and bigger, in fact, this trend is at its peak or could as might not be even better, the speaker might even get bigger, but this is the highest, it’s been in the last five years and twelve months on the bottom one. and this is people searching online for online business, and start an online business now the reason is obvious.

There are a lot of people at home looking to start an online business and making money online and starting a business online is really becoming more common, so there are more people searching how to do that, so what we can do is these people actually need something in their business, so they can go and build a business and they need specific software, so their business can function and this is where we actually come in to show them how to make money.

So in a few seconds, I’m gonna be showing you exactly how you can make money online with this method and really take advantage of this trend so you can make money online so the first step is simple you actually want to go online and go to a website called cart kartra.

Okay now, this is actually a software that a lot of people need to use in their business so if we scroll down the functions that this has is checkouts people can create pages they can collect the leads they can build funnels they can send emails they can create memberships they can upload videos they can have a help desk they can have calendars they can have forms they can have affiliates.

Second of agencies whatever that means and they can integrate this with other software this is an all-in-one business package for people looking to build a business online and because this building a business online thing is trending right now we can actually make money from this product.

And explain to how you can make money from this product so let’s scroll down and just kind of have a look at what this is it’s pretty much a platform that helps businesses make money online, and get started right they do all sorts of stuff but what you want to do is want to scroll to the bottom and you want to click on the affiliate program and it’s going to load this page up here.

And what kartra will do is they will pay people 40% for life for every sale on their platform, so if someone makes a sale, you’ll get 40% every single month as long as they’re on that platform, so let me explain to you how this works.

If someone goes and gets the $99 package and they stay on that for four or five months you’re going to make money every single month, 40% of ninety 99 dollars every single month, for as long as that person’s on.

This is called affiliate marketing you get a commission for sending people to these products, and when people purchase them, you get money in return however because it’s a recurring commission you get money every single month and then look at the $199 plan and what the $299 plan then we’ve got the $499 plan so if someone gets on the $499 plan you’re gonna get 40% of that every single month as long as that person’s on the plan, so these are high prices and you get high commissions.

So what you want to be doing is this is actually one of the best programs to promote in my opinion, because they have everything for businesses to use, so it’s very enticing for businesses to sign up for this particular platform. okay, and they have everything you need on the affiliate page so if we scroll down, they’ve got emails you want to use them.

But we’re not gonna be talking about emails in this video, to get traffic they’ve got everything you need to promote this particular product, so simply go to sign up affiliate, sign up and then you want to go to accept and then sign up for free, so free sign up and then just put in your details and create a free account, and you will become an affiliate.

For this program, they might have an approval process I’m not sure they didn’t when I signed up there was no approval process now the next step you might be asking yourself how do you get traffic to this offer how do you actually make money?

Well, what you need to do once you sign up is you need to insert your PayPal account so you can get paid so that’s how you actually get paid from this once you sign up you connect your PayPal account and then you can get paid money and they also might have other payment options, I’m not sure they do change quite often, but I get paid into my PayPal account, and that’s some of the results that you saw.

The next step is you need to get traffic to this offer, the best way to do this is to actually use YouTube so go and sign up to YouTube, and create an account at YouTube it’s completely free for you to do you, don’t need to spend any money, what you want to do is reviews on cart track and you want to rank for these particular keywords, and because there’s a lot of people searching right now, there’s a lot of traffic and a lot of people searching for these keywords in YouTube.

Now you don’t have to show your face on the Internet this guy here does not show his face he’s even using a voice from software so he’s not even using his own voice he’s just got slides with text over them really simple video to do anybody can do that, you can actually use a program called open shop video editor it’s completely free, to create videos like this.

Now you can actually take this to the next level you can also sign up as an affiliate for this program called click funnels which is the same as Katra they do the same thing they’re a business solution for businesses.

We scroll down and click on the fill it as well you can sign up as an affiliate with them and these guys actually have all the information on this page as well let me just wait for it to load, right so these guys will pay you up to 40% Commission’s as well they have like a kind of like a tier so they’ll pay you 30% and they’ll pay you 40% and they also have other products that you can promote as well.

You’ll sign up to these guys as an affiliate, then what you can actually do is you can pair a cart right two-click funnels, Ok and you can actually compare the two programs and once again, this guy here has done a video without his face on it comparing the two platforms.

Now I did forget to mention this is how you get paid you put your affiliate link in the description, so if I click this and I go to this link never mind guys that Kai’s link didn’t even work he needs to fix his link but if we go to how to get in a 30 day trial of kartra and we click on this, it should take us to the link or maybe this one it should take us to the capture websites.

He’s actually got a blog article on how to get up trial, but this takes us to Kartra and this is the custom affiliate link right here so this guy will get a commission from kartra, okay he’ll make money and the best thing about Cara is they have the high prices so you can imagine if someone stays on the $500 a month plan for two or three years, you’re going to be getting like two hundred dollars every single month from that, so you don’t need many people on to make good money, and the best way to do it is to go and find the competitors.

And let’s do something right now contra verse click funnels builder or WordPress thrive themes kajabi teachables Shopify you can go and do videos on all of these topics and get these videos on YouTube, and because there are so many people searching online right now for this, you’re going to get a lot of traffic to these particular videos.

now what I want to show you is how powerful YouTube traffic is this is my account we get heaps of different traffic sources so we’ve got search traffic suggested videos browse traffic and other traffic features so you actually get a lot of traffic from different traffic sources on YouTube that’s why it’s extremely good for free traffic and to use two for this method to get Commissions.

Now I’ve actually been making over a hundred dollars per day promoting the click funnels, so I promote the click funnels one and I’ll also promote the Karcher one, so I’ve been making over one hundred dollars a day for promoting this one and you can see right here, now I did say at the start of this video I would give you a bonus.

Okay, I have a completely free bonus for you to check out and this bonus is going to actually take you through the best affiliate marketing programs that are really popping off right now and also a lot of free training for you to check out this training is completely free because I can’t fit everything in one single video.

So there’ll be a link in the description and you can get this completely free, form that will show you the best programs to promote right now, so you can make money online with affiliate marketing.

Now if you need some more videos on Flip marketing and how to make money online, I will leave some videos up on the screen that will take you through step by step, on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.  if you have any questions leave them below and I’ll see you on the video on the right!

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