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The Most Iconic Moments – WWD

The Most Iconic Moments – WWD


In these uncertain times, home has found new meaning — these artists show how they stay hopeful. ⁣
“I started to feel like home wasn’t my safe, quiet haven anymore. So I decided to be more intentional about carving out those moments of calm, especially while I’m creating. For me this means a spot near a window with lots of natural light, some houseplants to bring a bit of the outside world in, and a big mug of tea. These small rituals become a safe haven, and I feel ‘home’ again.” -@madelinekate_illustrates⁣⁣
“Home, today, has a new meaning, it tastes different. It’s the place where you learn to feel good about yourself, to find a balance, that before, when you had everything, maybe it had never been there and now it magically exists.” -@saraciprandi⁣⁣
“Living through these unsettling times, I’m so grateful to have my home comforts; the little special treats that help brighten up my day don’t go unnoticed. I decided to draw all the small things that help brighten up my day and gain perspective.” -@thepoopculture⁣

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