Home Business Watch Me Make $1600 on Clickbank In 12 Minutes | Make Money Online

Watch Me Make $1600 on Clickbank In 12 Minutes | Make Money Online

Watch Me Make $1600 on Clickbank In 12 Minutes | Make Money Online

What’s up guys hope you Blanchett here in today I made $1600 with Clickbank and I want to show you on this video how you can do it too so let’s get into it right now alright guys so in this video we will be talking about Clickbank and how you can make money on Clickbank.

Now one of the coolest things has ever happened to me was this past January when I won the Clickbank affiliate contest now with Clickbank if you don’t know what Clickbank is, first of all, it’s an online marketing platform where you’re able to if you have a product and say an informational product or an e-book you can host it on Clickbank and have other people promote it for you and when those people promote it for you they’re called affiliates now the great thing about Clickbank is you are able to make a lot of commission by promoting other people’s products.

That’s what affiliate marketing is right and the great thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t need to have a product you don’t need to have an email list you don’t need to have a website or even a Shopify store in like that which are all great don’t get me wrong there know a lot of people making money from those but I like affiliate marketing because I don’t need to have all those things.

I’ll have to worry about customer service I just have to find a good product that converts and just and then I just make money from it right so and the cool thing about Clickbank offers is you can make anywhere from 75% all the way up to 100% commission on somebody else’s product.

Right, I mean how cool is that is there’s no other industry and no other niche where you can really you know make 75% to 100% Commission on somebody else’s product I mean when I tell my friends and I tell my parents like hey I’m able to make a hundred percent commission on somebody else’s product they kind of look at me funny right.

They just don’t get it but that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing so in this video let me share with you exactly how you can be successful on Clickbank how I’ve done it and how you can use my example of success for your own success right now as you can see where in my Clickbank profile so it’s important to sign up for your own Clickbank account.

Let’s go to Clickbank com it’s free okay so you got nothing to lose there you can see when you log in this is your dashboard so for me obviously my dashboard is gonna look a little different than yours because I’ve been doing this for a little bit longer and just the show just to prove that.

I actually am legit and I do make a good amount of money on flip Bank each and every each and every year let me show you what’s going on so right now you can see as I’m recording this video it’s April 5th you know I made sixteen hundred dollars so far just for April so if I click on in here you know I’ve had some good days three thousand dollar day is two thousand dollar days.

If I go and I click in here you can see this is my account okay now if I go all the way from January first till now you’re gonna be amazed when you see the number that I’ve made so far from Clickbank right then you’re gonna see the revenue in just a second here take a second for it to think alright guys so you can see here as took a few minutes for it to load but you can see here it’s one point seven five nine million dollars in revenue from Facebook from Clickbank.

Probably promoting it on Facebook this year right and we are just in April so just imagine what its gonna be like by the end of December and a year it’s gonna be a lot more right so just to show you that number right there that is a lot of money so the other thing I want to show you guys, just kind of get you inspired is that you can make a lot of money on Clickbank all right and honestly and truly I spend between one and two hours a day with this stuff.

Now it’s not as hard as you may think it is right because anytime you see a big number like that I don’t care like wow must take a lot of work to do and everything and sure there is some work involved but it really is not that hard so here’s what I want you guys to do and here are some tips to really have your own success with Clickbank right now.

So the first thing you do is you can go up to this top menu tab and you’re gonna click on the marketplace, okay and so when I click on the marketplace a couple of things you’re gonna see here is you have your categories so you have your arts and entertainment you have all this different stuff you can choose from and there are tons of products in each and every category the best way though like for me when I’m promoting an offer on Clickbank I just want to have the best one out of all the categories.

I don’t care what the category is I just want to know what the best one is that way I know that it converts the most and it has the most chance of getting sales right so all I’m gonna do is leave this blank and I’m going to click on search and what’s going to happen is it’s going to pop up and now what you see here are some of the tops offers on Clickbank so for example right now the top offer on Clickbank is we fix flat belly fix is a great offer to promote.

I’ve done very very well for it with it you know I know the owner taught very well but we’ve done over like I said the vast majority of my revenue has come from flat belly fix this year it’s just converting and does well and the reason why it does so well guys is that it’s in one of the big three niches now the big three niches are of course health wealth and relationships.

So if you are in one of those niches it’s a mass-market and everybody is interested in it okay it almost goes to those pre primal things right food sex and money right those are the three things people are interested in right and that’s why it works so well because people are you know subconsciously primarily attracted to those things or have to deal with those things.

So that’s why I promote these offers so flat belly fix is a great one ted’s we’re working right Ted’s Woodworking is great because you are able to basically a ton of plans woodworking plans for people do great in the survival niche it does great and done for you niches RDR Do It Yourself niches excuse me you know his secret obsession is geared towards women to get guys to like them believe it or not does really well.

Okay so there’s a lot of different offers on here you can dig through and see what’s doing well okay numerologist so numerology type stuff so there are literally all kinds of niches for everyone and I want to share with you something here so let’s just take for example this offer which is called easy battery reconditioning and basically it’s a product that shows people how to recondition old batteries so they don’t have to buy new ones.

Okay, and the premise is you know because new ones are too expensive blah blah blah okay now here’s what’s super cool about this guys is because you know when I look at the easy battery I can see that their average sale is $48 right so I know that for every sale that I get chances are I’m gonna get $48 okay that’s their average sale now if your Commission right it’s 75%.

make money from clickbank

Whatever the math is on that you’re getting a good chunk of that $48 now if you run some really good traffic for them and you get them more sales they’ll bump you up to ninety percent or a hundred percent right so that forty-eight dollars could potentially all be yours okay which is great okay so what we want to do and here’s what why it’s so easy to make money with Clickbank is because let’s say for example we click on our affiliate page here which is where they have all their information.

it’s gonna pull up the easy battery affiliate page and look at this guy’s you’re gonna see a ton of resources and some amazing stuff for you right so what they have here is they have an opt-in rate or up to not page so let’s go ahead and just we’ll just put in our opt-in email right it gets started okay cool so now we’re in the resource page and you can see here that they have all their stats and the crazy thing.

If they’re a really good product they have all the information you need right so they have you know demographics they have facebook pre-sell and pages for you they’re done they have other languages so Spanish there’s just so much stuff here they got it one for just the UK so just as you scroll down here you can see all the email sequences they have you know they got their pre-sell pages.

Their pages you can use let’s say for example look at this let’s just pull up this landing page here so if I click on this page it’s gonna open up and now you have that landing page ok that landing page is already done and it already has your links on there okay that’s the great thing about this offer and promoting on Clickbank, so I can literally take this link and I can go on Facebook and I can start promoting it today.

And if I were to promote this offer I would target to done do-it-yourself people survivor or survival people Preppers I would target conservative people all right now would really gear it toward just towards guys right and guys 40-plus all right because that’s you know I’ve run this offer quite a bit and it works really well and it’s geared towards men 40-plus okay some women buy it but for the vast majority of people it’s going to be men.

So you can see here guys they have everything blog articles they have all kinds of stuff for you to use and that’s the great thing about this they even give you images right so if you’re running an ad on Facebook you can just literally write and use these images so these images here right look at this guy’s black they got the Facebook Ads for you.

Now the other crazy thing guys are as they scroll down here I want to see if they still have it on here yeah look at this they have demographics right so you can see ages 45 and up are the highest converting you can see the number of countries that are highest converting.

There’s so much on here guys, okay and this is why it’s you know honestly and truly I think affiliate marketing is so good especially if you have a high converting offer like this one for example easy battery and you have because they give you all the resources they literally give you everything you need on a silver platter to make money with this offer.

And honestly and truly I’ve run this offer quite a bit I’ve had a couple ten thousand dollar days with this offer it does well guys so just keep that in mind and this is the way I love to advertise on Clickbank with Clickbank offers on Facebook because if you can find that winning combination of an offer that converts alright, and you’re able to it’s a big niche, okay, for example, the done I do it yourself survival niche is huge okay it’s not as big as health or wealth or relationship but it’s still a really big niche you can do really well with this okay so dig through these guys.

What I would recommend is on the marketplace make sure you know once again let me go back here make sure you’re going and checking out the top converting offers, okay reaching out to the affiliates seeing what they have for resources for universities as a vendor and their resources for you and then going from there guys so really that’s how simple it is and that’s how you can get to that level of making thousands of dollars a day or in my case millions of dollars a year with Clickbank.

That’s just one angle guys there are so many other ways you can go and that’s something that I kind of teach in my commission hearing program as we go over all the different angles different offers to choose there’s a lot you can do guys so hopefully that makes sense but yeah get excited if you’re not excited about something like this then you’re crazy because promoting other people’s offers we’re gonna have to worry about having an email list or customer service or anything like that.

This is why I love a love Philly marketing I love working with Clickbank because they just make it so easy for you you just put I’m an effort into it so hopefully that makes sense guys hopefully that gets you excited but that’s it, guys, that’s how you make money with Clickbank.

Hey, thanks so much for watching my video if you like my video then you’re gonna love the free gift that I have for you in the description box so that link in the description box is – free training on how I became the number one Clickbank affiliate in the world, but more importantly how you can make money with Clickbank and Facebook now.

I want you to do 2 things for me the right now, I want you to comment below with any questions you have, because I love your questions and I’ll get back to you and reply to those comments as well, and finally I want you to go ahead and stick with my blog so you can stay up to date and get notifications because we post content each and every week.

It’ll help you make more money online so I’ll see you guys in the next Article.

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